About Us

Classy cuts pet was founded in 2009 under the name of Classy Clips by its founder, Eva Culák , of German decent, who saw the need to help beautify the pets in El Paso. Because of health reasons, she sold the business to Carmen Cecilia Gonzalez, a professional in canine styles, who worked in the company from its beginning, and who showed love and care for animals. Carmen has 20 years of canine grooming experience. Since April 2010, under a new name, Classy Pet Cuts has been a company that believes in love and respect for animals, and whose primary commitment is to offers service with excellence. To enhance the principles, by which it was founded, Classy Pet Cuts has formed a team of humane technicians which includes, Paula Macias, a pet groomer with 10 years’ experience and grooming assistant Alejandro Arena who also take care of customer service. Through their effort and dedication Paula and Alejandro make profession and humane pet grooming possible


Classy cuts pet grooming is dedicated to canine art inspired by a true love of animals. This is reflected in a job done with enthusiasm and professionalism in order to achieve a desirable transformation visible after a bath, cut, and final beauty touches. Greater self-esteem is noticed in your pet as a result of the staff’s good treatment. So our mission is to offer a comprehensive service with the best line of dog products, cozy, hygienic facilities and to avoid stress in order to satisfy our customers and their pets.


Classy pet cuts desires to gain recognition in the welfare of animals by delivering quality services, thus becoming one of the best groomers in town and consolidate our name in the market throughout our branches.