NOTICE: Animals deserve a decent home, love, care and respect. They are our best friends, do not abandon them.


We provide excellent service when bathing your pets by giving them personalized attention. Come and discover why EL PASO’S PETS CONSIDER CLASSY PET CUTS THEIR FAVORITE PLACE!
The grooming adornments are created by us.


We us the best shampoos, regardless of the cost, as we desire to provide the best care for your pets. We use hypoallergenic, oatmeal baby shampoo. We use medicated shampoo very dirty, smelly dogs. To produce a shiny coat, we use a moisturizing shampoo with a base of nut, coconut milk and honey.



PLEASE NOTE: WE ARE CAREFUL WITH YOUR PETS BUT SOMETIMES UNEXPECTED THINGS HAPPEN. CLASSY CUTS PET asks that its clients inform us about diseases such as allergies, heart disease, etc. or any special care necessary in caring for your pets, such as aggressiveness.
Classy cuts pet wants the best for your pet and if the pet will not allow us to bathe it, we will stop the process and we will notify the owner. If you would like, you can help in the process of bathing, otherwise the pet will be returned to its owner and a handling fee will be applied. If emergency care is needed, the pet will be taken to the nearest veterinary clinic whose services will be charged to the owner.


Classy cuts pet grooming is dedicated to canine art inspired by a true love of animals.

Greater self-esteem is noticed in your pet as a result of the staff’s good treatment.

Classy pet cuts desires to gain recognition in the welfare of animals by delivering quality services.


How often should I bathe my dog?
Your do should be neat 4 to 6 week to avoid skin diseases such as fungi, or seborrhea.

What are anal glands and why are they drained?
Anal glands are two bags on the sides of the anus of your pet that need to be drained to prevent infection and odor.

Why does my dog’s breath smell bad and why are his teeth dirty?
The teeth tend to get dirty if you give him soft foods, sweets, etc. You should brush them once a day and if they have dental tar they should be treated by a professional veterinarian to perform dental prophylaxis or cleaning. Diseases can also occur such as gingivitis or dental pyorrhea’s, see image.

Why are my dog’s ears tender and why do they smell?

The ears are delicate organs and should be treated with great care. Do not insert any object that may cause damage or ruptures. The buildup of wax or hair can cause diseases such as otitis, or inflammations of the middle ear which are more common in the summer.

Why does my dog scratch his eyes?

This can be caused by allergies or diseases such as conjunctivitis, which is inflammation or infection of the conjunctiva which produces redness of one or both eyes and some edema cases, usually is present a secretion that may vary from serosa - transparent to purulent (white / yellow or green color). The causes of conjunctivitis are various bacteria, viruses, fungi, allergies, also occurs associated with certain diseases such as canine distemper, feline respiratory complex, autoimmune skin diseases, keratoconjunctivitis sicca (​​dry eye) and irrigative factors. Such defects in eyelids are common in certain breeds.

Why does my dog like to lick my face and hands?
Although many people believe that when their dogs lick their faces and hands it is a gesture of affection, because these animals usually lick everyone’s face, it is important to look at different aspects of animal behavior to understand why our animal acts this way. First of all, when dogs are born, the one who cares for them and gives them affection is their mother, who very tenderly licks them, so dog owners generally think it is a gesture of affection or a way to show love. However this behavior has other purposes, including to provide stimulation which will produce proper circulation.